About Us

About Us

      Appointed as an official distributor In the industrial plant, including FUJI TOOLS tightening systems, with OIL PULSE WRENCH tightening system repair services and var ious pneumatic tools.



Our company

          Is a dealer ready to provide services in repair, maintenance, inspection, assembly, and installation Pneumatic tools Machinery and spare parts of all kinds of machinery By serving small businesses To large By using quality tools and equipment together with a team of expertise And experienced in the industry for a long time It has been operating since 2008 until now.

Company goals

          Is to serve To meet the needs of customers bring various problems And customer needs to be analyzed and find the best way to bring it back to improve and revise for Make your organization efficient From the past performance Can be considered that the company Has achieved another level In managing and serving customers until they have gained admiration and trust, yet they are not complacent, the company has accelerated the study and introduced new technologies To provide efficient customer service Continue without stop.

 Focus on fast service, attention to customers, impressive and confident in qualit

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